Finding out more

Electrocycle, the W3E Association has been created by a group of close friends, some of which are entrepreneurs. The W3E project is also a way to be known and show their expertise.

The Association is non profit making and is entirely self-financed via members contributions. Progress in action and developing projects is closely linked to the amount of time (or lack thereof!) available for each member.

Electrocycle, the W3E Association has signed the Charter for source waste reduction and is a member of the CNIID (Independent Centre for Waste Information).

We are a member of the FUC (Concrete Utopia Festival) and of the French-speaking network around Common Goods.

We also participate in the free movement of « open-source ». Software used for our W3E virtual recycling center project is all open-source. We are aiming at expanding the development of open-source material and knowledge for all by creating a link between places where W3E is collected and where technical knowledge is held.