Virtual Recycling Centers for W3E

What is that ?

Virtual = as opposed to real. Something potentially possible then.

Recycling Center = a place to collect, revalue, resell and spread information about environmental and waste issues

Electrical and Electronical Equipment = everything that works with an electrical plug, batteries or charger, as well as components and parts that are associated to it.

W3E = WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronical Equipment. That’s when we get rid of it.

There are several ideas on which the project for a W3E virtual recycling center is based:

  • bringing people together before using technology
  • improving treatment of W3E through various IT tools : collective catalog, social network, technical database
  • using tools and methods from other areas of expertise (documentation, library, archives)
  • surfing on the movement for free and open knowledge
  • helping out the open-source movement by creating a transparent and accessible stock of W3E
  • generally gearing towards a transition to the concept of Common Goods

Initially developed for people and recycling centers this project has evolved with « field practice ».

Now that preliminary studies and prototype conception have been achieved, we need to take it a step further and make it possible for people or organizations to use it!