Who are we ?

Electrocyle, l’Asso D3E (in French) or Electrocycle, l’Asso W3E (in English) is a French and non profit organization registered in Paris on July 28th 2012.
His headquarter is in Paris, XIXe.

His object is define at the 2nd article of his statuts :
«To improve reuse of electric and electronical equipments or spare parts of these equipments and to contribute to their revaluation :
a. by facilitating thinking on the problems of accumulation of W3E and their difficulties to be recycled ;
b. by encouraging individual or collective initiatives of re-appropriation of these equipments or parts during social activities manifesting by workshops expertise or help of documentation ;
c. by linking structures and people having equipments and potential reusers, in particulary thoose whose goal is to facilitate the empowerment of citizen on technique.
d. by promoting the using of open source & free materials and software and also the spreading and share of knowledge or how to.

Their main means are :
«– the spreading of information and thinking on the W3E issue.
– establishing communication of technical devices and for developing a management system based on :
a) a share database identifying the differents categories of W3E & possible
repairs/reuses/hacks of these equipments ;
b) a management system allowing the identification and the monitoring on a long term about the fate of the electric electronical artefacts available from our partners ;
c) a social network.